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sc-timber2 outline3.jpg

New life for old trees. 





Because life is better when spent outdoors



Using only salvaged or reclaimed trees, we read the wood and celebrate its imperfections in each design



With over 30 years of experience, custom design + construction consulting for unique builds  



We have a large inventory of unique slabs and dimensional lumber milled from local trees. Because of our earth-first mindset, we do not fell healthy trees. Most of the material we build with is “salvage”—from nuisance trees or downed trees that would have been firewood or left to decay on the ground. Any material not sourced in-house is secured through local, like-minded suppliers. 

We love wood, and do our best to keep the Earth in mind when building and designing projects. We like to let the wood speak to us. Often our designs come once we've seen and touched the material. We praise the imperfections and emphasize character, while letting the tree tell its story. 

If you have logs or trees that can be milled into usable lumber give us a call, we are always open to the challenge.



It all started at the age of 13, our founder, Jeff Lostrie, transformed an 18” pine board into a mini bookcase using a band saw and four finish nails. 

Since, the team has grown. We’ve expanded to framing houses, building roofs, remodeling and additions, and custom furniture. With our portable sawmill, we turn salvage downed trees into usable lumber for building one-of-a-kind decks, arbors, and rustic pieces of furniture. 

After working on countless construction and remodeling projects and 30 years in the field under our belt, Santa Cruz Timber Works opened up shop. We have three phase power sanders, planers, saws, and a seemingly endless supply of wood to fill our warehouse. 


If you like wood, you’ve come to the right place. Because to us, that's what it's all about. 

"Jeff built our gorgeous IPE deck by the pool. The pool is organically shaped, so he had to cut the wood planks to follow the curves and edges. It looks fabulous! Jeff was easy to communicate and schedule the work with. He always showed up, stayed in the budget, and did very precise work. The patio looks so beautiful after 1.5 years, and it hasn't warped at all! Jeff also made a black walnut powder room sink slab for us. It's immensely beautiful as well! When other construction workers made a scratch into the slab, Jeff came to sand and refinish the slab and didn't charge us. I highly recommend Santa Cruz Timber Works!"

- Maija, Customer  (project size: $40,000 - $50,000)


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